Mt. Alvernia Preparatory School

The Worker recieves the reward of his labour

Principal's Welcome

Our commitment at Mt. Alvernia is to provide a safe, positive, intellectual learning environment for creative learners, problem solvers and critical thinkers.


Mount Alvernia Preparatory and Kindergarten is a private catholic co-educational school from children 3 through 12 years of age. The school is under direction and sole jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Montego Bay.

School Motto

The school's motto is 'LABORIS SUI PRAEMIUM RECEPIT.' The Latin phrase means: 'The Worker Receives the reward of his Labour.' 

This is the Insignia or the Coat of Arms of the Franciscan Order. The arm of St. Francis crosses that of Jesus. St. Francis lived so closely the life of Jesus that he was rewarded near death the "stigmata" (imprint of the nails) in the palm of his hands. One must die to self in order to live with Christ.

Mission Statement

Providing quality education and strong values for the young minds of Jamaica so that they may achieve their maximum potential in academic and personal development in order to ensure the continuation of our nation's building.

School History

The Preparatory school was started in 1925 on what was called "Prospect hill", in a wooden-framed house, former home of a Presbyterian  Minister. The Catholic diocese obtained the property for the resident priest, who in turn gave it over to the Sisters when the school was set up.

Allegany (N.Y.) Franciscan Sisters who conducted schools in Kingston were asked to set up and open schools in Montego Bay. This school was opened as a fee-paying school.

At first the name of the school was St. James Academy, but later this was changed to Mount Alvernia Academy. There were 20 pupils, ranging from day-pupils to boarders, ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Sr. Theophane was the first principal, assisted by Sr. Eugene. Classes were held in the convent because there was no separate building. Sr. Eugene returned to Kingston in 1930.

In 1932, Sr. Salome came as superior of the convent and taught in the kindergarten and Prep Theophane in charge of "higher education," and Music.

In September 1969, Sr. St. Thomas was transferred to Highgate at Marymount Prep as Principal.

In January 1973, Sr. Greta Clarke came as head teacher and ran a fine school that contributed to a great need in Montego Bay.

Mrs. Hyacinth Myrie the first secular principal took up office in September 1994, after Sr. Magdelen Marie retired.

Then our dear old Mrs. McPherson took up the job in September 2009.

Mount Alvernia is rated as the finest Prep school in and around Montego Bay.

School Policies


a) When school is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, or other emergencies, announcements will be made via the media. (radios, newspapers, television etc.)



     Pre-K                        8:45am - 1:30pm

     Kinder - Inter            8:15am - 1:30pm

     Grades 1 - 5             8:15am - 2:30pm

     Grade 6                     7:45am - 2:30pm (September to March)

                                      8:15am - 2:30pm (March to the end of the School Year)

c)  Any student who is late more than 3 times for the month without a reasonable excuse will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

2. Absence

d) After being absent, a student is required to bring a note of explanation to the class teacher. Failure to do so will result in the student being referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

e) Students are not to be taken out of the classroom except to go to the bathroom and to have a small drink from the water cooler. If for any other reason, the parent/guardian has to obtain permission from the Principal or the Senior Teacher.

3. Dismissal

f) All children are to be collected by 4:30pm sharp unless they are involved in extra curricular activities in which case pick up is at 5:00pm.

g) Any child which is left on the compound after 5:00pm on six (6) occasions during a school term will result in the parent/guardian being requested to remove that child from the school.

A register/record will be kept in the office off all children who are left on the compound after 5:00pm.

h) Students asking for early dismissal must present a note from home to the Principal/Senior Teacher at the beginning of the school day.

i) Parents/Guardians who wish to have their children collected by other persons must inform the Principal/Senior Teacher by telephone or in writing.

4. Removal

j) A term's notice in writing is required when parents wish to terminate their child's enrolment.

k) When a term's notice is not given, a term's school fee is required in lieu of notice.

l) Parents who terminate their child's enrolment prior to the end of the school term will forfeit any refund of the school fees paid to them.

m) Failure to comply with the removal policy will result in the retention of the child's school records. 

School Fees

All school fees are to be deposited at the First Caribbean International Bank at the City Centre and receipts must be presented to the office, by the first day of school. Children whose school fees are not paid by the beginning of the term will be forbidden to attend school and will hence lose his/her place(s).

Receipts of payments should not be given to students or teachers but presented to the office by the parent or guardian of the child. Parents/Guardians renew their contract with the school, to abide by the rules and adhere to all policies once their children are attending school.

Dress Code



White Dress of set pattern

Blue Tie (available at school)

Dark Brown socks and Dark Brown Shoes OR

Dark Blue socks and Black Shoes


Blue Bush Jacket

Short Khaki trousers (Must hang over knee)

Dark Brown socks and Dark brown shoes OR

Dark Blue socks and Black shoes



House Shirt (Garvey, Gordon or Bogle)

White Shorts

White Skirts (Grades 1- 6)

Plain White Socks


House Shirt (Garvey, Gordon or Bogle)

Plain White Shorts

Plain White Socks

Plain White Sneakers both boys and girls

Where unavailable, white sneakers with plain white laces with a minimum of dark blue trimmings will be allowed.


All Khaki Pants must be dark brown in colour, and knee length.

Only white translucent buttons are allowed to be sewn on the boys blue bush jackets.


Regulation shoes are required in either solid black or solid dark brown. NO two-tone shoes are allowed at all.

Heels on shoes should not be higher than one inch. No wedges, high tops above the ankles and stilettoes allowed at all.

Shoes should be made from ordinary leather. No patents or suede shoes allowed.

Feet must be entirely enclosed within the shoes. No slippers or sandals allowed without permission from the Senior Teacher/Principal and only in the event of an injury.


No anklets allowed. All socks including the white socks worn for physical education must be above the ankles.

All socks must be in plain colour. No logos allowed.


P.E. shirts must not be longer than mid-thigh and are compulsory from grade 1. White shorts, white tights or white bloomers must be worn beneath the skirts.

P.E. shorts for Pre-K, Kindergarten, intermediate and boys without visible designer tags and have elastic waists.


Regular waist ankle-length blue, white, brown, or black jeans are allowed. These are to be worn with a black/brown/dark blue belt. All jeans and belts must be solid in colour. School T-shirt are to be worn with jeans unless otherwise instructed.


Hairstyles should be appropriate and neat.

No extension or beads allowed for girls.

No patterning allowed for boys.


Clips of solid blue, black, brown or white in colour of modest sizes and numbers are allowed

Ribbons of Solid blue, black, white or brown are allowed.


Girls are allowed to wear a pair of small knobs without yellow or white gold stones. Small yellow or white gold sleepers are permitted.


10:15-11:00am for Pre-K, K and Inter.

11:00-11:30am for Grades 1, 2 and 3

11:30-12:00pm for Grades 4, 5 and 6.


Students may not enter the auditorium, computer and art labs, library and music room without a teachers permission.

Behind the shed is strictly prohibited.

The front garden is strictly prohibited unless there is a fun day.


The taking away of playtime

Suspension from extra-curricular activities

Being removed from the classroom for a set period of time if behaving in an uncontrollable and distracting manner.

Time out


If fighting in the lunch line, suspension from purchasing food from the canteen for a week.

NOTE: Properly completed assignments are to be signed by parents as seen and acceptable.


The Mt. Alvernia Prep school assumes that parentsshare in the responsibility for the proper conduct of their children. It is expected that students adhere to socially acceptable standards of conduct.


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